“The ways that animals are being treated is already very inconstant with the laws that we have and they’re inconstant with social values as well. When most of us learn about what’s happening to animals, we don’t say, “seems okay to me!” we say, "thats horrible! thats horrifying!” … It’s actually very undemocratic that there are laws that are supposed to protect animals, people don’t like whats happening to animals by in large, but it’s happening anyway. ” - Anna Pippus
  “One time this guy came selling chickens to our house from the back of a truck, and he pulled these chickens out from little shelves like you would pull out a screwdriver. And the shed was just black and he grabbed them like that [motions aggressively] and started throwing them into bags and was selling them to my parents. And I remember my dad, a full-time lifetime omnivore, even he couldn’t eat chicken for a long time after that.” - Mick McCann
  “You know, I really enjoy doing all forms of activism but I don’t think it’s necessary to go out of your comfort zone to speak for animals. It’s easy to write an email, or a hand written letter. Or you can go to one of the organizations [that advocates for animal rights] and see if they need any help, maybe administration or something like that. Or you know, if you’re more creative, filmmaking or stuff like that. I think it’s important to find what works for you in order not to burn out and be able to still speak for animals at the same time.” - Taylor Freeman
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